X-Desk Lux

A luxurious Solid Walnut frame for the SSL X-Desk with padded wrist rest.

We make everything to order. Estimated shipping date 21 days from payment.

X-Desk Lux hardwood frame for SSL X-Desk/X-Panda with padded wrist rest169 Euro + 24 Euro Shipping to any destination,

Wood Sort

X Desk Lux hardwood plus Black Vinyl Dust cover bundle215 Euro + 24 Euro Shipping to any destination

Wood Sort

Black Vinyl Dust cover for X-Desk Lux49.99 Euro + 19 Euro shipping



X-Desk Lux Dust Cover in Black Vinyl.

A heavy duty black vinyl dust cover especially made for the SSL X-Desk with mixingtable Lux panel set.
Open at the rear so you can keep your cables connected.