Allen & Heath Zed mixer side panels


Love your Zed, but don’t like the red plastic trim?
As project studio owners ourselves we thought the same thing.
Because our R16 is the centerpiece of our studio, and we think it deserves to look as good as it sounds, we decided to give it a luxurious upgrade with solid wooden handmade side cheeks.

Check out the photo’s below to see how they look in Walnut, Oak, & Beech.

Walnut Zed R16 panels by mixingtable.comSolid-Oak-side-panels-Zed-R16-mixingtableSolid-Beech-side-panels-Zed-R16-mixingtable

Sourced from local wood here in the heart of Bohemia, Czech Republic, our hand crafted replacement side cheeks are ready to order.

We have a range of woods to choose from including Walnut, Oak, & Beech.

We keep a limited stock of panels, so an estimated shipping date would be 2 weeks after we receive your order. If we have your desired panels in stock then we will ship straight away. If you are wondering if we have your panels in stock shoot us an email.

I have a Zed XB 14 / Zed 22FX / Zed 24 2 / Zed 16 FX / Zed 12 FX /  Zed 18 /  Zed 14 (phew!) … will they also fit my mixer?
Yep! They all share the same side panels as the Zed R16 pictured above.

Ok. How can I order a pair?
Just head over to the shop. You can pay by PayPal / credit card.

Installation is a simple process of unscrewing the original plastic ones and fixing the wooden replacements using the same screws. It takes about 2 minutes.

I’d like to have mine made in a different kind of wood, is that ok?
Sure. Send us your special request at and we’ll get back to you with the price and estimated delivery time.

I like to take my R16 on location with me. Will it fit in the box with the new side panels?
As you can see from the photo’s above, the wooden side cheeks are pretty much identical to the original ones (except they look stunning 😉 ) but slightly thicker (by about 3mm) to give them more of a solid, expensive feel.

I have a special request can I … ?
Yes, if you have any requests for your studio (matching side car rack? special colour stain? Want side panels made for a different sort of mixer?) then email us at and we’ll do our best to help you out.

What kind of finish is on the wood?
Natural oil finish.