Here’s some of the feedback we get from our customers. Big thanks to our customers for taking the time to send in photos!

Elektron 2T 2mkII Classic WalnutThank you for the Elektron stand, it’s awesome. – Patrick, Switzerland

X-Touch Lux EXT RIt’s perfect.  You’re a wonderful craftsman.  You should be very proud of your products.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  – Jason, Alabama, USA

Custom Black Satin UF8 UF1 UC1 Trio Lux – I couldn’t be more thrilled! It looks and feels excellent! Thank you so much for everything. This is really a wonderful addition to my setup – Michael, USA

UF8 UF1 UC1 Trio Lux Walnut EditionThe product looks great and the controllers fit well, thanks for your job – Matteo, Italy

OTO Machines Trio Classic Custom Greyjust received the OTO stand, it’s really nice and fits perfectly – Pierre, France

Console1 Fader Duo Lux / Push2 Classic / Big Six Panels
Astonishing work, as usual. Can’t be more satisfied – Laurent, France

3U Walnut Rack
The 3U walnut rack is a stunning centre piece of my home studio – Phil, Melbourne Australia

Console1 Fader Duo Lux / Stream Deck / SSL2+ LuxOnce again I’m a very happy customer. – Patrick, Netherlands.

Walnut Stream Deck Stand It arrived! And like always, very beautiful. Thanks! – Olaf, The Netherlands.

Walnut Stream Deck Stand

Walnut SSL X-Desk Lux
Everything is in perfect order.It looks fantastic. Much better than I thought.Thanks for your work.I will recommend you to others. – Marcus, GERMANY

Console1 Fader Combi Lux Walnut Desk Stand
Arrived and looks great, many thanks 🙂

Faderport2 / Console1 Lux Walnut Desk Stand

Wanted you to know I got the FaderPort yesterday and it looks great! I’ve attached photos so you can see it along with the deluxe console 1 you did for me! Very happy with your work! Thanks again. – Jimmie, USA

Console1 Lux Walnut Desk Stand

THANK YOU! Just wanted to share my excitement with you, in having received my Console1 desk stand! It’s absolutely perfect and I am truly loving it! Thank you very much for your fantastic job and craftsmanship! Walter, USA

Beatstep Pro Rackmount + 20U Producer Desk

Push2 Classic + 2x Avid Artist Classic Walnut Desk Stands

I’ve loved these cases ever since I got them! Having some wood in my room makes a big difference aesthetically. – Phillip, USA

12U Straight Walnut Rack I received the rack today. Perfect! Thanks. – Yul

Walnut Rack, MPC Live Lux, Console1 Lux, Elektron Lux

Thank you for making my workspace so awesome! – Russell, USA

The panels look great, were an easy installation, fast shipping, I am very happy!– John May, Silver Creek Recording. Washington, United States.

 They arrived and are perfect. Thanks a million! They make the mixer
look so much better. – Conor. Brooklyn, NY.

Walnut side panelsI’ve just installed them. Wow! They are beautiful. It’s remarkable how they take the mixer to another level. Thanks so much. – Mike Wagner. San Jose, USA

Here are two photos of the new panels on my Zed R16 in the studio. They look fantastic! Thanks again. – Chris Schlarb
GSR 24 Panels
I installed the panels and I really love it, it looks awesome and adds a lot of value to the console.
– Yossi, Berlin, Germany

3U Solid Walnut Rack
Amazing rack. Thanks very much!
– Mr. M. Binder, Prague.

Zed 14 Panels
I received the panels a few days ago and the mixer today, and installed the panels immediately. And they look even better than on the image you send me. So thank you very much 🙂  – Steffen Grøndahl
Zed R16 Panels
I got the panels today. Just wanted to tell you they look great. Thank you so much! – Graig Merkel – http://www.graigmarkelmusic.com
R16 Panels + Dust Cover
Got my walnut cheeks for the Zed this morning. I was just about to run out the the door, but I took a minute (literally) to install them, and snapped a couple horrible blurry iPhone photos.

Very gorgeous!!! Huge improvement over the plastic cheeks.

I also got the dust cover. It is very high quality, and looks great!

So – huge props to mixingtable.com on their products. Well made, look great, and shipped safe and sound.Cody http://www.machetelanding.com
12U Walnut rack
It arrived yesterday 🙂 I’m very happy 🙂 – Bernt Ove Kaasen, Norway. facebook
Modular Synth Cabinet
F*ck me, what a thing of utter gorgeousness. Exquisitely made and beautifully finished. This isn’t mundane studio stuff … somewhere to stick your gear in – it’s gorgeously crafted furniture.Hollow Sun

3U walnut rack
Thank you very much for great packing and nice wood work. (I’m really impressed!!) – Alexander, St. Petersburg, Russia
3U walnut rack
The racks arrived and they have literally transformed my studio space. They’re objects of beauty!

When I need more racks I now know where to come. –
Reuben, London, UK.

Beech R16 panels
I received the panels & dust cover a couple of days ago….before Christmas.Nice! Thanks, Al – Albert Ezell, USA
15U Slanted + 6U straight Walnut racks
The racks arrived and really look nice!– Tobias Menguser, Germany.
Neve Faderpack Desk Stands used as 4U desk racks
another happy customer here
great work, fast delivery, worth every cent, love em !! wood rules !neve faderpack desk stand by mixingtable.com
Walnut R16 Panels
the panels arrived, looks cool – thank you! – Marco, Switzerlandmarco-walnut-R16-panels-by-mixingtable
8U Slanted Walnut Rack

 The rack arrived safely on Saturday. Its a beauty! Thanks for everything. – S. Norland, London, UKSam-walnut-8U-rack-slanted2Walnut GS R24 side panelswalnut-side-panels-for-the-Allen-&-Heath-GS-R24-by-mixingtable-dot-com-500px
8U Slanted walnut rack
I received the rack a few days ago and love it. its is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much. – Elmer. Virginia, USA.
3U Walnut Rack
Just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you the 3U rack arrived in perfect condition. The wood is absolutely beautiful and is everything and more than you described. Thank you for your attention and excellent service. I look forward to many years of wonderful use. – M.Kravit. Fl, USA.3U-walnut-rack-by-mixingtable-dot-com8U Slanted walnut rack

The rack arrived today and it looks great! Thank you very much and I hope I’ll need to buy another one soon! – Jonas, Sweden
Walnut GS R24 panels

Got it all today! Looking Good 🙂 – Anders, Sweden
gsr24-anders1U Walnut Rack Philippe, Switzerland
1U-walnut-rack-by-mixingtable-dot-com11U Slanted Walnut Rack Magnus, Norway
Thanks a lot for the beautiful rack you sent my wife. It was a gift from her and I was very happy with it:-)

Keep up the good work!
11U slanted walnut rack by mixingtable.com
Beech desk for the GS R24 Jim Hewitt, Colorado, USA
‘The assembly took a mere 10 minutes … This is one stunning item.’
5U Slanted Walnut Rack Claudia, Germany.
5U-slanted-claudia10 inch Walnut rack for half-rack gear Alan, Argentina.
Walnut X-Desk Panels
Thanks for the wood sides. Now the X-desk looks 1000 dollars more expensive;) – Asbjörn from Sweden
SSL Nucleus Walnut Side Panels
I got the panels today. Love them!!! – Aaron Accetta, USAAaron Accetta nucleus side panels by mixingtable.com
Maschine Studio Walnut Panels
beautiful work! Thank you. – Rodney, USA
white maschine studio with walnut panels by mixingtable.com
Solid Walnut GS R24 Desk
we built the desk last night – all I can say is wow! Me and the studio owner admired the workmanship throughout, it’s a real class act. I think Baz appreciated the desk more than the GSR24, especially the handle on the glass door! Your instructions were great and I appreciate the walnut side panels even more now that I see the furniture up close and personal.

Thanks again and congratulations on the desk – every ounce of it exudes quality – tremendous! – Soundmagic Music Studio, Ayr, Scotland
Solid Walnut Desk for the GS R24 by Mixingtable.comWalnut SSL Nucleus Panels
very very very happy
seriously. Good work, cannot stop smiling today. Walnut and Iroko work well together – Clive Grace, UKClive Grace nucleus panelsWalnut Rack
truly amazing – Craftsmanship beyond the usual. Absolutely beautiful! – Alexander, Denmark.
2U Walnut custom rack
It’s an absolutely stunning case and I’ve been recommending you to everyone. –
Gregg Janman, Paris.
2U custom walnut rack by mixingtable.comZed Series Mixer Panels
Just letting you know, the panels arrived today. It look fantastic on my AH mixer. Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship. Ky – Australia

5U + 11U slanted Beech racks
thanks very much for the racks, they arrived safe & sound and look great… very happy. D. Goldsmith – UK
5U + 11U Beech racks mixingtable2 x 16U slanted Walnut racks
the racks have arrived and they are very beautiful, I like them a lot. Thanks a lot. I already have people asking, where from, how much – Rasmus – Denmark.
5U Walnut Rack with vent mod – P. Vollenweider, Switzerland
5u with vent mod
9U/10U Walnut bucket rack
I received yesterday the rack in good condition and it is indeed magnificent so thank you for the good work!
– Frederic, UK
10U-9U-bucket-rack-by-mixingtable10U Solid Mahogany rack
Thanks Peter, for your great slanted custom rack… it arrived today and now give the Warm Audio Pultec EQs a nice home – Murat, Switzerland10U-mahogany-bucket-rack-by-mixingtable
MS-10 and MS-20 Walnut Side Panels
Your wonderful walnut side panels arrived today, and success! They fit the MS10 perfectly.
Many thanks, you have a happy customer. – Liam, UK.

Push 2 Desk Stand
The push stand is awesome! I love how the push sits in it, makes it look very chic!

Gorgeous work! – Hank


 Push 2 Desk Stand
just got it, it looks really nice.thnx man – Jiffrin, The Netherlands


20U Producer Desk
The desk arrived. It’s lovely and smells fantastic. – Edward, UK


2U walnut rack
 Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of craftsmanship!! – Hans, Germany
 Push2 Lux Walnut Desk Stand
it just arrived and it looks and fits great. Thanks! – Marcell, Germany
1U Solid Oak Rack
The goods arrived safely. Thank you very much. – Osamu Aoki
Custom Avid Artist Mix + Artist Control Walnut Desk Stand Enno, UK
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the stand and I’m very happy. See photo attached with both Avid pieces installed.
2x Walnut Racks
I received the 2 racks in the meantime and I’m impressed by the build quality and superb finish ! – Stef

The walnut cheeks look and smell good, and fit very well! Dennis

Zed R16 Walnut Side Panels