mixingtable 01

A solid hardwood luxury desk for mixing audio by mixingtable.

The Mixingtable 01 is 1599 EURO + shipping.

If you are interested in this desk please email us stating your shipping destination and desired wood sort – Walnut / Mahogany / Oak / Beech / Ash and we’ll get back to you with shipping price / availability.

  • Compact design
  • Internal shelf to house for example a Mac Mini, UA Satallite etc
  • Main body houses Softube Console1 Fader, Console1 and 4U of rack space
  • Front work surface houses Universal Audio Apollo Twin and Apple Magic Keyboard / Trackpad MK2 between two padded black vinyl strips.
  • Solid Walnut – Oak/Beach/Ash and Mahogany are available.
  • Rear shelf for clamping monitor arm
  • width of work surface 90cm / width of main rack 62cm / height at back 96cm / front to back 93cm

Pictured below is the desk with the Console1 and Fader removed, showing the internal shelf and position of the 19 inch power strip mounting ( * the power strip must be purchased separately ).