SSL2 / 2+ Lux

A luxury desk stand for the Solid State Logic SSL2 and SSL2+ by Mixingtable.

  • slant angle 15 degrees
  • no assembly required
  • pre installed 4 sturdy rubber feet
  • black vinyl padded strip
  • 100% solid hardwood construction
  • 78mm tall at the rear / width 222mm / depth 210mm

In order to use our stand you must unscrew your SSL2 /2+ from its plastic housing. By purchasing this stand you agree to do this at your own risk.

Time limited INTRO DISCOUNT now active.
Normal price 129 Euro + shipping, now 99 Euro + shipping.

Available to order in Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, and Beech.
We make everything to order. Estimated shipping date 4 weeks from payment.

Walnut SSL2 Lux

1x Solid Hardwood Desk Stand for the Solid State Logic SSL299 Euro INTRO DISCOUNT + 29 Euro shipping

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