19 Inch Racks


‘These are, quite simply, the most gorgeous wood gear racks I’ve ever seen, which is why I had no choice but to endorse them’

Gregory Scott UBKKush Audio, Los Angeles , USA

In the gallery below you can see some examples of our solid hardwood desktop and floor standing studio racks.

RETRORAX Solid Pine racks are here.

Our 19 inch racks are made from 100% solid hardwood. They are designed to securely house your audio gear in a studio environment and provide a luxurious frame for them. They are, quite simply, a joy to behold.

Pricing and Ordering

You can view the prices and order them from the 19 Inch Rack Shop
The time between payment and shipping will depend on demand at the time of ordering but will normally be around 28 days.

Rack Construction
Here’s a gallery showing some of the steps in our construction process.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your rack simply send it back to us in the original state with the original packing and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Buyer pays for return postage, we will refund the cost of the rack + original postage cost.

All our racks are shipped in custom made hardened cardboard packaging, and plastic wrapped to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Every rack comes complete with:

  • Rack rails
  • Nut cages pre-fitted
  • 4 fitted rubber feet

Standard rack rail mounting depth is 18mm. If you have a different preference for the rack rail depth just drop us an email and we’ll fit them to your wishes.

If you wish to purchase M6 screws neccessary for mounting your gear in the rack let us know.

Solid Hardwood 19inch Vent Panels are available here

If you would like more details, or have questions please send an email to orders@mixingtable.com